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Nicholls Road Construction
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On Monday, September 9, and Tuesday, September 10, 2019 water to all residents along Nicholls Road and surrounding neighborhoods will be turned off for a period of time each day as the contractor works to install a new section of water line at the intersection of 1350 East and Nicholls Road. To minimize any inconvenience, the City is asking that residents prepare for a temporary interruption in service by having water stored and available for use, should the need arise. Residents should also know that the water service will be reestablished each night prior to the contractor finishing up for the day.

We are grateful for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we work to complete this project. 
Please call City Hall with any questions or concerns you may have.


Once again, its construction season in Fruit Heights.  Here is a brief list of projects that will be completed this summer.  

Ellison Farms Water Line Replacement

Green Road/Country Lane Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk

Nicholls Road Culinary and Secondary Water Line Replacement

For additional information on these projects, click here

Announcing The NEW
Castle Heights Playground at    Nicholls Park

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 We hope that our children and young people will join in contributing what they can to be a part of this project.  We also reach out to those who can contribute at a family or business level.  We offer these Sponsor Levels that will find permanent display at the Playground entrance structure:

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