The city manager is the overall administrative head of the city, and, as such, is responsible for overseeing all government functions and activities. The city manager serves and advises the mayor and city council; appoints all department directors; prepares assorted reports for council consideration, including an annual proposed budget; enforces municipal laws and ordinances; and coordinates city operations and programs.

Human resources also falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Administration. The city manager is responsible for recruiting and maintaining qualified, well-trained employees to deliver high-level services to Fruit Heights City residents. Additional activities and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, risk management, public relations, and training and accountability of all city staff.



The Building Department reviews plans, issues building permits, and does field inspections of buildings to ensure compliance with local and state mandated regulations related to building construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. To learn more, access the Building Permit page.


The City of Fruit Heights welcomes and encourages small businesses within the community. Much of our local business is made up of small, locally owned home occupation businesses. The city’s current business license ordinance indicates the requirements and any restrictions in operating a home occupation business, as well as other types of businesses.
  • Home-Based Business License Application
  • Solicitation/Peddler License Application
  • Commercial Business License Application
  • Beer License Application
  • Business Licensing Ordinance
  • Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Rental Property Business License Application
Prior to applying for a Fruit Heights City business license, an individual should contact the State of Utah to ensure that all state-mandated requirements have been met. Go to the State of Utah Website, where you will find all of the information that you need. You may also contact the State of Utah by phone at 1-877-526-3994.

Business license information is generally considered public record, except for private information such as birth dates or social security numbers.

Completed business license applications should be returned to the city office for processing. Depending on the type of business, an inspection by the city’s building official may be necessary. Home occupation business licenses are valid until the anniversary date, at which time a renewal application will be automatically mailed to the business owner.

Rental Property Business License Required

Effective July 1, 2015, a business license is required for all non-owner-occupied residential properties. This business license will require contact information for the owner and someone at the local level, and will provide for inspections to ensure rental properties comply with current city code. All rental property owners will receive a letter through the mail regarding this new ordinance. Any questions can be directed to the city offices at 801-546-0861, ext. 201, or via email

Business Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a Fruit Heights City business license?

A: If your business lists your home in Fruit Heights as its physical location, you must obtain a Fruit Heights business license. Even if business is not specifically conducted within Fruit Heights, but your home address is used for registration with the State of Utah, you are required to have a municipal license with Fruit Heights.

Q: Why do I need a Fruit Heights Business License?

A: The purpose of a Fruit Heights business license is:
To regulate and license businesses within the corporate limits of the City of Fruit Heights City.
To determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances.
To maintain a safe environment for the general public through inspections.
To enforce zoning, building, and fire codes.
To maintain a list of currently licensed businesses for public access.
To provide revenues used for city services such as fire and police protection.
To ensure that the City of Fruit Heights collects its portion of sales tax revenues from the Utah State Tax Commission.

Q: When would I need a home business safety inspection?

A: If you have anyone from the public (i.e. students, clients, customers, employees) come to your home, you will need to have a safety inspection.

Q: When do I need to submit a background check?

A: If your business works primarily with children or the elderly, or if you are a solicitor, you will need to submit a background check from the Utah State Department of Safety. Their phone number is (801) 965-4445. For more information, you can also visit Utah Department of Public Safety.

Glossary of Terms

Business Registration Number (aka Business Entity Number):
By law, you are required to register your business name with the Department of Commerce. You must provide a copy of your business registration number when you return your business license application to our office. Please call (801) 530-4849 if you have any questions.

Sales Tax Number: Generally, only businesses involved with the sale of a tangible product must apply for a state sales tax number. For questions you may contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 1-800-662-4335. If you are required to have a Sales Tax Number, you must provide it when you return your business license application to our office.

Federal Employer Identification Number (aka Federal Tax I.D. Number, EIN or FEIN): Most businesses will need to obtain a federal employer identification number with the Internal Revenue Service if any of the following entities are being created with employees: corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or sole proprietor. Please call 1-800-829-4933 or go to the IRS website for additional information.

Employer Withholding Number: Employers can get a withholding tax account (license) by completing and submitting the form TC-69 Utah State Business and Tax Registration to the tax commission. There is no fee for a withholding tax account. However, if you have a history of filing or paying taxes late, you may have to post a surety bond.

State License: It is required of some occupations to have a special license issued by the state. Please go to Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for more information or call the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing at 1(866) 275-3675.

Federal License: You will only need a federal license or permit if your business is involved in activities that are supervised and regulated by a federal agency. The types of business activities licensed by the federal government can be found at Business USA.

Additional Business Information

Commercial Businesses
Home-Based Businesses


Fruit Heights City has adopted codes and ordinances to provide for the health and safety of its citizens. Each homeowner is responsible for keeping their premises clean. The code enforcement officer visits neighborhoods to ensure that residences are being kept in compliance with the City Code.

Reporting a Violation

For complaints, such as tall weeds, vehicles illegally parked, or foliage obstructing sidewalks or streets, please contact Fruit Heights City or submit a complaint, using the Contact Information on this site. For nuisance complaints, such as barking dogs, loose animals, random noise, etc., please contact Davis County Sheriffs Department at 801-451-4150

Most Common Code Violations

  • Parking issues such as parking on the street in the same place for over 24 hours; parking on an area, which is required to be landscaped; or parking on the street from 12:00am to 8:00am between November 1 and April 1.
  • Yard issues such as failure to install or maintain landscaping, obstruction of the sidewalk due to vegetation, accumulation of weeds or debris.
  • Roadway issues such as obstructing the road or sidewalk with basketball standards, skate ramps, gravel, dirt, mulch, or debris.
  • The following forms are available for download in PDF format:
Installation Permit Application: For fences, signs, decks, or sheds under 120 sq. ft.




In accordance with the goals and priorities of the City Council and in line with generally accepted financial and accounting procedures, the Finance Department labors to provide a clear and accurate picture to administration, as well as City residents, of the financial condition and position of Fruit Heights City. Financial responsibilities include, but are not limited to, budget oversight, utility billing, cash receipting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, debt management, and policy enforcement. In addition to these duties, the Finance Department provides pertinent analyses and forecasting documents to administration for assistance with the decision-making process.
The Finance Department is responsible for assorted financial reports and documents intended for use by the Mayor and Council and/or the City staff to assist them in their duties. In addition to these responsibilities, the Finance Department annually produces Fruit Heights City's Budget Document. This document gives a clear and detailed report of the City’s financial position as well as a specific and explicit plan for future financial activity. A copy of the latest Budget Document is available online or at the City Offices.






The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s infrastructure, such as the culinary water system, sanitary sewer, public streets, storm water, parks, trails, walkways, storm water basins, and other maintained areas.
Part of the oversight includes ongoing inspections, which may result in general improvements on public right-of-ways, earthwork, surfacing, surface restoration, water lines, manholes, storm drains, curb, gutter, waterways, sidewalks, signs, parks, etc.

The Public Works Department labors to install, maintain, and repair the City water supply, water transmission, and water distribution systems. The department also monitors pump stations, water tanks, and telemetry equipment.

Reports are completed on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for a sanitary survey and for culinary water, and storm water inspection and testing. Currently, the City owns and operates a water utility system, serving around 1,725 residential connections. This water is provided through City wells and connections with Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

Central Davis Sewer District provides and maintains all existing sewer lines within the City. Currently, sewer services are provided to all portions of Fruit Heights City. Storm drain improvements throughout the City are ongoing projects that often times include the installation of retention and detention basins, installation of storm drain lines, maintenance and improvement of existing storm drain sumps, and possible treatment of storm water before it enters our area streams.

The Public Works Department is home to the City maps, plans, plats, drawings, project estimates, specifications and contracts relating to public improvements and engineering affairs. Fruit Heights City is responsible for maintaining approximately 24 miles of road.


The recorder is responsible for coordinating the meeting documents, and monitoring compliance with laws governing public meetings for the City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and the various ad-hoc City committees. Meeting documents include agendas, staff reports, minutes, ordinances, resolutions and audio recordings.

The recorder is responsible for the management, classification, and retention of City records, as well as tasks related to the formal dissemination of public information, Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) requests, and all legal notifications.
The recorder serves as the City's Election Officer and is responsible for the coordination and proper execution of Municipal Elections, which are held during odd-numbered years according to State law.

The recorder is also responsible for the codification, maintenance and distribution of the City Code, facilitating annexations and boundary adjustments, conducting bid openings, custodian of the City Seal, countersigning contracts, administering oaths, and notary services.


The City provides water, sewer, garbage, and storm drain services to its residents. Gas, and electricity are provided by Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power.
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