Elected Officials

Meeting Dates, Times, and Location:

Fruit Heights City Council meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each Month.  The City Council meets in the Council Chambers of the City Offices located at 910 S. Mountain Road.  


The Fruit Heights City Council has six members.  Fruit Heights City doesn't have districts therefore all members of the City Council are elected at large.


Mayor: John . Pohlman 

Elected in 2017
Ph 801-244-0171

Diane Anderson
Incumbent in 2020
Ph 801-546-0061

 Gary Anderson
Elected in 2015
Ph 801-739-3665

Eileen Moss
Elected in 2020
Ph 801-721-9375

 George Ray

Elected in 2022
Ph 801-931-9244

 Florence Sadler
Elected in 2022
Ph 801-971-0538
Submit comments on City Council agenda items via citycouncil@fruitheightscity.com, call 801-546-0861, or send by U.S. mail to City Council, 910 S Mountain Road, Fruit Heights, Utah 84037.