Subdivision Development

Rock Loft Ridge Estates
Rock Loft Ridge Estates is a subdivision located along the east bench in Fruit Heights. The proposed development begins at approximately 1665 E. Terrace Drive and extends south to Bair Canyon where the development will tie into 1800 E as per the City’s Master Plan. There are approximately 65.79 acres within the development with lots ranging in size from 12,000 sq. ft. (.275 acres) to 50,000 sq. ft. (1.14 acres). The property was rezoned from A-1 to R-1-12 on September 21, 2021 by the City Council. Work continues between the Developer, City Staff, Planning Commission, and City Council to ensure that the City’s Zoning Ordinance’s and Sensitive Lands Evaluation & Development Standards (SLEDS) are met and that the development aligns with the city’s Master Plan. The following items have been completed or are being reviewed and worked on.

Conceptual Plat                           November 10, 2021 Reeves & Associates

Geo-Technical Analysis               February 3, 2021 CMT Engineering

Traffic Impact Study                     September 23, 2021 Reeves & Associates

Rezone Request                          65.79 Acres from A-1 to R-1-12   Passed on 09/21/21

Development Agreement             Public Hearing Scheduled for November 30, 2021

Annexation Petition                     October 12, 2021

Annexation Plat                           October 12, 2021

Mine Reclamation Permit            November 14, 2021

Mine Grading Plan                      November 14, 2021

SWPPP                                       December 14, 2021

Annexation Certification              January 4, 2022

Notice of Annexation                   February 1, 2022

Preliminary Plat Approval             February 22, 2022

Annexation Ordinance                 April 19, 2022

Final Plat Approval                       July 19, 2022

Goldspur Estates
Plat map
Zoning: R-1-12