Highway 89



Since the State Environmental Study (SES) was released in March of 2018, UDOT has initiated the design phase of the project.  UDOT has hired a Designer-Contractor team, Oak Hills Constructors, to help UDOT with the design effort.

The team has been working along the Highway 89 corridor with a drill rig collecting soil samples and will continue this activity gathering drainage and utility information over the next several months.  Traffic disruptions will be minimal.  This work will include coordinating with Weber Basin Water Conservancy District on  potential options for the aqueduct and gathering additional information on the location of the petroleum pipeline and other underground utilities.

UDOT also continues to work with property owners to acquire property needed for the project and has also been coordinating with the city staff.  The design phase will continue through 2019.  

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UDOT is committed to building this project the right way, by working in concert with Cities and Counties in the project area to balance the needs of the traveling public with the impacts to the surrounding community.  This project team is working through design refinements in 2019 so a construction date has not yet been determined.  

As the team gathers needed information, it can better evaluate overall project footprint, utility and property impacts, constructability, and cost.  Oak Hills Constructors will review and refine designs at interchanges, cross-streets, frontage roads, and other areas to look for ways to optimize the State Environmental Study (SES) concept design to further reduce impacts and costs where feasible.    

As promised in the SES, UDOT has formed a Community Coordination Team (CCT) to provide opportunities for local stakeholders input on the project design.  The CCT includes 12-15 members representing neighborhoods, cities, and other interests, who will provide input on design elements such as roadway profile, traffic related noise, aesthetic treatments, and other matters of concern.  This team will help UDOT explore ways to minimize project impacts while meeting engineering standards and budgetary constraints. 

When preliminary design for each area of the project are developed, UDOT will make these available to the public prior to finalizing the design.  will be provided through updates to the project website.  Please feel free to share this project website with your friends and neighbors.   

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