Castle Heights Playground Plans and Designs for Nicholls Park

By appointment of the Mayor, a Castle Heights Playground Committee was appointed and asked to reach out to residents of Fruit Heights City to receive input on a new castle heights playground at Nicholls Park.  After several months of input, reviews, and revisions, the Parks Committee has settled on a conceptual plan for the new castle heights playground and have presented it to the Mayor and City Council for approval.  

Below are the conceptual drawings of the new castle heights playground for your review.  The City has also budgeted money in the 2018-2019 budget to help pay for the construction of the new playground.  We are also accepting donations from anyone who is interested in helping to build the new playground.  If you are interested in making a donation click here

FruitHeights_7_5_18_Castle_Ship_Swings_Steel_Julyship1 (2)
FruitHeights_7_5_18_Castle_Ship_Swings_Steel_julyship2 (3)
FruitHeights_7_5_18_Castle_Ship_Swings_Steel_July1 (2)