Garbage Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Garbage Rates?

A: Garbage can rates are as follows, 1st garbage can $11.98, 2 Garbage Can $7.55, Green Waste Can, $5.54. Rates are evaluated and adjusted if necessary each July.

Q: What Day of The Week is My Trash collected?

A: The City is divided in half along Hwy 89. For residents that live west of Hwy 89, your garbage is collected on Tuesdays. Residents that live east of Hwy, your garbage is collected on Wednesdays.

Q: What Time Do I Need To Have My Trash Container Out At the Curb?

A: Your trash container should be out at the curb by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick-up day.

Q: When Do They Pick-up Green Waste?

A: Green Waste (Yard Waste) is picked up on the same day as your trash. It should also be out at the curb by 6:00 am

Q: Who Does the City Have A Contract With for Garbage Collection Services?

A: Fruit Heights City currently contracts with Robison Waste Services out of Layton Utah.

Q: If One of My Trash Toters is Broken, Who Do I Call?

A: If one of your Toters is broken or damaged, you can contact Fruit Heights City at 801-546-0861 and we will order you a new one. You will need to leave your broken Toter out at the curb so that it can be replaced.

Q: What If My Toter is Missing?

A: Residents are responsible for their own garbage toters. If your toter is missing it will cost you $85.00 to replace it. It is recommended by the City that you write down your garbage can number so that you can locate it if it gets misplaced or lost.

Q: Where Does My Trash Go?

A: Fruit Heights City belongs to the Wasatch Integrated Waste Facility located in Layton. All of our trash and green waste is taken to this facility for processing.

Q: Does Fruit Heights City Participate in Recycling?
A: Fruit Heights City does not currently participate in recycling of paper and plastics but we do participate in a Green Waste (Yard Waste) Recycling.

Q: Because Fruit Heights City doesn't offer curbside collection services, who can I call for recycling services? 
A: Mountain West/ACE Recycling  800-724-9995
    Wasatch Integrated Waste 801-614-5600