Construction Projects

2019 Construction Season 

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Once again it is construction season in Fruit Heights. Below is a list of those capital projects that will be impacting various areas of the City this Summer and Fall.  If you have any questions relating to any on these projects, please contact the Fruit Heights City Offices at 801-546-0861 or email the City Manager at  

Ellison Farms Water Line Replacement
Project Bid Date: June 3, 2019
Awarded Contractor: Toncco Inc. 
Bid Amount: $996,685.00
Construction to Begin: July 1st, 2019
Construction to be Complete: November 15, 2019

UPDATE 11/15/19: TONCCO will be working on the new water valves and placing concrete around these valves.  This work will continue for the two weeks.   
  • 11/04/19:  TONCCO completed the last section of piping last week which means that the projects is about complete.  Beginning on November 4, TONCCO will be around preparing to pour back the sections of curb and gutter that were removed for the new fire hydrants.  They will also be preparing the street cuts to be patched back with asphalt.  It is anticipated that this will take approximately One (1) week to complete.  The contractor is also aware that there are several areas that have some landscaping repairs that need to be made.  Because of the time of year, the contractor may not be able to get sod installed and will be back in the spring to finish the landscape repairs to those yards affected.  If you have any questions please contact the City at 801-546-0861   
    • UPDATE 10/23/19:  The contractor has completed the installation of the main water line.  Over the next week the water line will be pressure tested and chlorinated.  Next week the new line will be tied into the system with individual water services being tied in.  Property owners should expect water service disruptions while this work is being done.  Once this work is complete the water line trenches will be asphalted.  This project will be completed on or before November 15, 2019 
    • Due to very wet and highly corrosive soils in the Ellison Farms Subdivision, the City will be replacing the 8" ductile iron water main with a new 8" PVC C-900 water main.  This project will affect various areas of the Ellison Farms Subdivision.  This project is necessary due to the number of water line breaks that have occurred over the past 18 months.  Residents that live in this section of the City should expect water service interruptions during construction as well as limited access into and out of your homes during construction times, so please plan accordingly.  The contractor will see that homeowners will have access into their homes and be able to park vehicles in your garages/driveways each night.    
Green Road & Country Lane: Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk installation
Project Bid Date: June 3, 2019
Awarded Contractor: Post Construction Company
Bid Amount: $319,161.25
    • UPDATE 10/23/19:  The contractor has completed the majority of this project.  There is some concrete and asphalt work that remains to be completed but all work will be completed by October 31, 2019.  
    • Fruit Heights City was awarded a grant to help install sidewalk along Green Road and Country Lane.  This project is being completed in preparation for the improvements that are scheduled to occur along HWY-89.  In addition to sidewalk being installed, the City will also be installing curb and gutter in those areas where it does not currently exist.  This will provide a safe route for pedestrians as they walk through this area of the City and also provide school children a safe route to school. 
Nicholls Road Culinary Water Line Replacement:
Project Bid Date: June 3, 2019
Awarded Contractor: Sorensen Construction Inc. 
Bid Amount: $744,153.00  

  • UPDATE 11/15/19: SCI has completed all water connections and service tie-ins.  Stake Parson has begun grading the remaining section of Nicholls Road but had some mechanical issues with their equipment that has pushed the paving of Nicholls Road back one (1) day to Saturday, November 16, 2019.  The City is asking that residents be prepared to have sections of Nicholls Road closed during the paving process.  Residents live along Nicholls Road should plan a head and have vehicles out of your garages early Saturday.  It is suggested that they be parked along Glen Drive, Sterling Drive, 1400 East, or Mountain Road.  It is anticipated that paving will begin around 8:00 am with a completion time of 5:00 pm on Saturday.  Because this work is occurring on Saturday.  Thanks for your advanced preparation and cooperation as the contractor works to complete this project.  
    • Nicholls Road has been paved from 1350 East to Sterling Drive.  Residents will be able to travel east and west on the paved section of Nicholls Road with little delay.  Residents living on Sterling Drive and Glen Drive will be able to access Nicholls Road from Sterling Drive and Glen Drive but could experience intermitant road closures.  The work at Glen Drive and Sterling Drive will be coordinated so that residents have the ability to access Nicholls Road and travel west to HWY-89.  
    • Monday:  The contractor will be completing 8 culinary water service connections from the new culinary water line into the homes that front along Nicholls Road.  Because of the work that will be occurring above Glen Drive, the recommended route is west to HWY-89.  Work on Monday will not begin until after the school buses have completed their bus routes and accommodations will be made for the afternoon school bus route in Nicholls Road.  
    • Tuesday:  Residents along Nicholls road and surrounding neighborhoods should expect disruption in water service as the contractor completes the last two (2) culinary waterline tie-in's  The intersection of Glen Drive and Nicholls as well as Nicholls Road at Mountain Road will be closed during these tie-ins but will be opened once the work has been completed.  Work at these intersections will not occur until after the school buses have completed their morning routes, accommodations will be made for the afternoon bus route if necessary.  
    • Wednesday:  The contractor will be completing some miscellaneous construction items and concrete work in preparation for asphalt.  It is anticipated that Staker Parson will begin grading Nicholls Road from Sterling Drive east to Mountain Road.  
    • Friday Staker Parson will be paving Nicholls Road.  Residents living on or above Sterling Drive and east to Mountain Road will experience road closures and will not be able to drive through this section of Nicholls Road while it is being paved.  Residents will need to plan accordingly.  This road closure will remain in affect for much of the day.  
    • If there are changes to the schedule, those changes will be posted at this location.   
    • UPDATE 11/04/19: Due to the cold weather, Staker Parson Co. was unable to asphalt last week.  Beginning this week Staker Parson will be preparing the west end of Nicholls Road from HWY-89 east toward Sterling Drive for asphalt.  Residents that live in this section of Nicholls Road should expect road closures and some delays as they work to get the road surface ready for asphalt but residents will be allowed to access their homes at the end of each day and park in their driveways, however, we ask that you please do not park on the street in front of your homes. 
    • SCI has completed the last pressure test on the new waterline which means that they will be working to complete the last two connections so that the entire water system can be brought online.  In order to do this, residents should expect disruption in their water service as these connections are made.  As of today, it is anticipated that Stake Parson will be prepping the final section of Nicholls Road in one (1) week for asphalt.  The Contractor has indicated that all asphalt work will be completed by November 22nd.  
    • UPDATE 10/24/19: The contractor completed an important water line connection today.  The grading and preparation for asphalt on the lower section of Nicholls Road has been push back to Tuesday.  The contractor will be working on installing the final section of piping from Sterling Drive East.  
    • UPDATE 10/23/19: This is what residents that live on or along Nicholls Road can expect over the next three weeks. 

      Staker Parsons Company will be preparing the west end of Nicholls Road for asphalt.  This work will require that the road between HWY-89 and 1400/Grand Oaks be temporarily closed while Stake Parsons grades it for asphalt.  This also means that traffic will be detoured at HWY-89 beginning tomorrow.  Anyone living on or off of Nicholls Road will need to enter and leave Nicholls Road via Mountain Road. 

      SCI is going to grade Nicholls Road from 1400 E/Grand Oaks East to Mountain Road to cut down and smooth out the road surface, however it will not be the entire width of the road because there are new water valves that have been installed that haven’t but adjusted to grade so the smooth section of road will road will meander from the North side to the South side, please dive cautiously.  

      The rest of this week construction crews will be completing water line tie-ins.  There will be some homes below Sterling Drive that will be out of water service for a period of time while this work is occurring

      Once the lower half of Nicholls Road is asphalted, SCI will complete the water line from Sterling Drive up Nicholls Road.  There is approximately 75’ of water line left to complete.  This new water line will need to be pressure tested and treated before it can be connected to the water system.  This work will take approximately 1 week to complete. 

      When the new water line has passed its testing, final tie-ins will be completed and Staker Parson will start grading the remaining section of Nicholls Road for asphalt.  Right now Staker Parson is scheduled to be grading and laying asphalt the week of November 4th-8th.  I’m certain that Nicholls Road will once again be closed from Mountain Road west to Sterling Drive as crews prepare the road for Asphalt.

      As updates to the project are received, they will be posted to the City website.  

    • The City will be replacing the Culinary Water Main that runs down Nicholls Road between Mountain Road and HWY-89 with a new 10" PVC C-900 water main.  The City has a need to complete this project prior to the HWY-89 project so that culinary water service to residents on the East and West Sides of HWY-89 has minimum service interruptions.  Residents that travel Nicholls Road, or that live in this area, should expect traffic delays, limited access, and occasional road closures, however, Nicholls Road will remain open during the construction period. 
Nicholls Road Secondary Water Line Replacement:  (THIS IS A HAIGHTS CREEK IRRIGATION PROJECT)
Contractor: Morley Construction  
Bid Amount: 
    • Haights Creek Irrigation Company will be replacing their secondary water line in Nicholls Road.  It is expected that this project will begin the first part of June and will last for approximately 30 days.  Residents that travel Nicholls Road, or that live in this  area, should expect traffic delays, limited access, and occasional road closures, however, Nicholls Road will remain open during the construction period.    
We ask all residents to plan their travels accordingly as they may be periods of time when access into neighborhoods and homes will be limited.  The City will also contact Davis County Sheriffs Office and Kaysville Fire Department notifying them of these construction projects so that they are able to plan accordingly in the event of an emergency.