Road Surface Funding



Over the past several months, Fruit Heights City’s Mayor, Council, and Staff have been working on possible solutions to a growing problem, a problem that will only get worse over time if we don’t do something now. Many have noticed the condition of some of our streets and the effects that age, weather, and poor funding have played on them. Street conditions are problem that many Cities in Davis County face. Our challenge in Fruit Heights City is how to fund these repairs?
As City Leaders and Staff, we have discussed the possibility of bonding for these repairs but feel that bonding isn’t a good use of City Funds. Other options that are currently being considered are a Transportation Utility Fee that would be included on your monthly utility bill, a property tax increase, or a combination of a Transportation Fee and a Property Tax increase.

As a City we think that it’s very important that our residents become educated on this issue and the funding options that are available. Please take the time to review the information that has been prepared. If you have questions, you are encouraged to reach out to your elected officials and talk with them about this approach.

As we prepared this information, we tried to anticipate questions that residents might have so we have put together a FAQ sheet that hopefully will answer some of your questions. We have also spent a significant amount of time looking at what it would cost to get our roads into an acceptable condition over the next 10 years and what it would cost to keep our roads in good condition. Finally, the City has prepared a map showing the current conditions of our roads.

Doing nothing for our roads is not an option and will only cost the City more money. By addressing the issue now, and acting on them proactively, we hope to save the City millions of dollars in the future.