Street Master Plan

With Highway 89 bisecting our City, connectivity plays an important role. Public streets provide the function of connecting us to our jobs, neighbors, friends, and the places we visit. Streets are built and improved to link us to one another and our destinations. Street connectivity allows for traffic to be dispersed throughout the network of streets, leading to a significant reduction in travel times and delays. Fruit Heights City has adopted a Street Mater Plan. This Master Plan helps to provide a clear understanding as to how street connectivity will be accomplished as property is developed.

Having improved access and connectivity creates several community benefits, such as an increase in walking and bicycling. In some cases there is also an increased use of public transit. This increased ability to walk, bike and take transit leads to documented improvements in outcomes as diverse as property values, obesity prevention, and ecosystem conservation.

As Fruit Heights City continues to develop and grow, City leaders and staff will continue to review, update, and improve the City's Street Master Plan for connectivity.

Street Maintenance

The Fruit Heights City maintains approximately 24 miles of roads, and government building parking lots. These areas are maintained for road repairs and snow removal by the Public Works Department. Service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After-hours service is limited, unless a snow emergency is declared. The City staff is committed to provide safe conditions for City residents.

Road Surface Maintenance

Pavement maintenance is a vital process in the City’s street management program. The City evaluates each road every three years. The evaluation identifies road surface deficiencies and establishes the residual surface life (RSL). The City has a policy to maintain streets at an average RSL of 12 years, according to GASB 34 requirements. The evaluation and RSL components define the type and timing of street improvements, including surface rejuvenation, patching, and replacement. Click HERE to see a map of the road maintenance projects for 2017.

Street Cut Permit

Anyone planning to cut into the road must complete a Street Cut Permit and have it approved and signed by the City prior to commencing work. Download a Street Cut and/or Excavation Permit.

Street Parking Restrictions (see City Code 7-1-2: Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Ways))
It is unlawful for any person to park or allow to remain parked any vehicle upon streets for more than 48 hours. Also, so as to provide access to snow plows for snow removal, it is unlawful for any person to park or allow to remain parked any vehicle upon streets from November 1 to the following April 1 upon said streets when:
  1. Snow is falling or there is a visible amount of snow on the street;
  2. The street has not been plowed since the snow fell;
  3. During snow/ice removal.
Exceptions to these requirements include the following:
  1. The temporary parking of vehicles for a reasonably short period of time, not to exceed twelve (12) hours, to accommodate loading or unloading or the performance of service;
  2. Construction, contracting or earth-moving equipment that is otherwise classified as commercial vehicles may be temporarily parked on streets, provided the vehicles are actively being used for construction activities on the specific property where the vehicles are being parked;
  3. Emergency vehicles.
Snow Removal

The City's policy regarding snowplowing is that streets will be cleared according to priority beginning when the street has accumulated a minimum of two inches of snow and continuing until driving conditions are considered adequately safe. Streets receive a higher priority according to volume of traffic, location near schools or public buildings, and steepness of grade, etc. Typically, low-volume streets and cul-de-sacs remain the last to be plowed.

Excavation Permit

Anyone planning to cut into the City’s right-of-way must complete an Excavation Permit and review the City's Excavation Ordinance. All excavations shall be approved and signed by Fruit Heights City prior to commencing work. Pricing for the permit is based on the size of the excavation, the age of the road, and the location within the City’s right-of-way.