In accordance with the goals and priorities of the City Council and in line with generally accepted financial and accounting procedures, Fruit Heights City works to provide a clear and accurate picture to City residents of the financial condition and position of the City. The City's Financial responsibilities include, but are not limited to, budget oversight, utility billing, cash receipting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, debt management, and policy enforcement. In addition to these duties, the City staff provides pertinent analyses and forecasting documents to administration for assistance with the decision-making process.

The City Finance Department is responsible for assorted financial reports and documents intended for use by the Mayor and Council and/or the City staff to assist them in their duties. In addition to these responsibilities, the Finance Department annually produces Fruit Heights City's Budget Document. This document gives a clear and detailed report of the City’s financial position as well as a specific and explicit plan for future financial activity. A copy of the latest Budget Document is available online or at the City offices.