General Plan


What is a General Plan?

The general plan helps guide land use decisions within our city. It is the foundation for establishing goals, purposes, zoning, and activities allowed on each land parcel, to provide continuity to the entire city, as well as each individual neighborhood. Under Utah state law, subdivisions, capital improvements, development agreements, and many other land use actions must be consistent with the adopted general plan. Members of the City Council vote to adopt the general plan.

A general plan guides current and long-term growth, directs capital investments, and provides the rationale for local ordinances. Utah requires general plans to address issues such as land uses, housing, and transportation.

A General Plan Is:
    A guide to help direct citywide policy decisions and priorities 
    A long-range tool for planning, legislation, financing and action
   Direction for the future
    Required by state statute

A General Plan is Not: 
    Detailed budget document
    Specific regulations, requirements or ordinances

General Plan - Adopted April 2023

Ordinance General Plan 2023-002