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- STOP CRIMES OF OPPORTUNITY - Recently, there has been an increase in crimes of opportunity in our area. The Davis County Sheriff's Office is asking residents to take simple steps to protects themselves, their homes and belongings. These steps can help make crime prevention a habit for each of us.  LEARN MORE

- Ridgerunner: Snow Removal in Fruit Heights - Shoveling snow can be quite the chore, but residents and City Staff can work together to quickly and efficiently make our roads and sidewalks safe for all. READ MORE

- Ridgerunner: Focus on Future Growth in Fruit Heights - The Fruit Heights City Manager, Mayor and members of the Planning Commission and City Council share answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding future growth in our city.

- Wildfire Protection Program - Many homes and neighborhoods within our city have been identified as areas of high fire hazard. Now is the time to review areas around your home, and create a defensible space by thinning trees and brush.
Learn how to protect your home and neighborhood


- WINTER PARKING STARTS NOVEMBER 1, 2021 - Winter parking rules apply in Fruit Heights November 1 - April 1, meaning it is illegal to park on streets between 12 Midnight and 8 a.m., or during snowfall when plows are in operation.

- USE OF GREEN WASTE CANS - Robinson Waste will continue to pick up green waste through November. After December 1, your green can may be used as an additional garbage can. Green waste service begins again after March 1, 2022.

- STATEWIDE FIRE RESTRICTIONS - Reminder! Please talk with your family and friends about our extreme fire danger due to drought. Even a small campfire such as the one discovered recently can turn deadly. Open fires ARE NOT allowed in Fruit Heights. Fireworks are prohibited in much of the city, too. SEE MAP


What’s Happening on US-89

Please visit UDOT for for the latest updates and timelines.

400 North: The interchange at 200 N./400 N. is now open. Finish work
will continue through 2021, but traffic flow will be maintained. U.S. 89
will remain narrowed while the bridge at Nicholls Road is constructed. 

Nicholls Road: Now that the 200 N./400 N. interchange is open, UDOT
closed Nicholls Rd. at U.S. 89 for approximately 24 months while crews
work to install a bridge over U.S. 89. Traffic on U.S. 89 will shift as
crews work on the Nicholls Rd. portion of the project. 

Department Service Phone Email
Administrative Accounts Payable & Receivable, Building Permits, Inspections  801-546-0861 ext. #2 
Administrative Utilities, Water, Sewer, Garbage 801-546-0861 ext. #1 
Administrative Business Licensing, Ridgerunner, Media 801-546-0861 ext. #3
Administrative Administration, Construction, Developemnt, US-89 801-546-0861 ext. #4
Public Works Streets, Street Lighting, Water, Storm Water, Parks 801-546-0861 ext. #2 
Emergency Kaysville Fire (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-544-2860  
Emergency Davis County Sheriff (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-451-4150