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- Green Road CLOSURE - Beginning mid-February, UDOT will close Green Road on the west side of U.S. 89. This is the permanent closure of Green Road access to U.S. 89. When Green Road reopens in 2023, it will connect to the new frontage road that runs south to Nicholls Road and Lloyd Road.

- Mountain Road UDOT Update - Utility work is ongoing on both sides of the closure, and one-way flagging will begin soon on the 650 North/Mountain Road side.

- 1350 East UDOT Update - Utility crews are beginning work on 1350 East. Traffic will be maintained in a one-way south-bound configuration. Two-way traffic out of the area will be maintained via Shady Lane Way and Grand Oaks Drive (1400 East). Work will continue through early March.

- Lloyd Road UDOT Update - Traffic on Lloyd Road, north of Main Street, has been shifted to allow space for Dominion Energy to replace a gas line in the west shoulder. This work will move north through February.

- REMINDER! Winter parking rules now apply. From Nov. 1 - April 1, it is illegal to park on city streets between 12 a.m. and 8 a.m., or during snowfall when plows are in operation. Owners of vehicles are liable for parking violations, and will be ticketed.

- February/ March Ridgerunner Newsletter
Learn about traffic changes, windstorm information, Covid-19 vaccine contacts, Fruit Heights elections and youth city council.


- Orchard Harvest Exhibit - Open through Spring 2021, this exhibit celebrates the role fruit has played in the history of our town. Come Learn about historic farming families, and the many varieties of fruits grown in our area. Located inside Fruit Heights City Hall, the exhibit is open M - F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

- Green Cans - Green Waste service has ended for the season. Green cans may now be used as an additional garbage can. Green Waste service begins again April 1, 2021.


What’s Happening on US-89

Please visit UDOT for for the latest updates and timelines.

Department Service Phone Email
Administrative Accounts Payable & Receivable 801-546-0861 ext. #6 
Administrative Utilities, Water, Sewer, Garbage 801-546-0861 ext. #8 
Administrative Business Licensing, Permits, Inspections  801-546-0861 ext. #2
Administrative Administration, Construction, Developemnt, US-89 801-546-0861 ext. #4
Public Works Streets, Street Lighting, Water, Storm Water, Parks 801-546-0861 ext. #6 
Emergency Kaysville Fire (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-544-2860  
Emergency Davis County Sheriff (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-451-4150