Mission of the Youth City Council

  • To provide an opportunity for the youth of Fruit Heights City to acquire a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the political system through active participation in the system.
  • To help the mayor and City Council to solve problems and accomplish the goals of our community by working directly with the representatives of the youth.
  • To serve the youth of Fruit Heights by:
    • Informing the Fruit Heights municipal government of the needs and desires of the youth
    • Planning and implementing social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities for the youth
    • Working with the mayor, City Council, city department heads, schools, and other organizations to provide service and leadership opportunities for the youth of the city
    • Instilling a feeling of positive self-worth and esteem
    • Teaching respect for the rights and property of others
    • Promoting community pride
    • Eliminating potential negative influences among our future community leaders