Mayor & City Council


The governing body of Fruit Heights City is a council of six members, one of whom is the mayor, and the remaining five are council members.

Mayor Don Carroll

Council Member Diane Anderson
Council Member Gary Anderson
Council Member Julia Busche
Council Member Brandon Halliday
Council Member Scot Poole

If you have questions or comments you are welcome to send an email to the Mayor and City Council Members


The mayor, also known as chief executive officer, Don Carroll, does not vote, except in the case of a tie vote of the council or in the matter of hiring or discharging a city manager.


  • Sets City Council agenda
  • Directs the city manager
  • Appoints city officers with advice and consent of City Council

City Council

  • Appropriates all city funds through approval of city budget
  • Enacts city ordinances
  • Advises the mayor in area of oversight assignment